About TWRI Policy and Research

TWRI Policy and Research is a private company, owned and operated by the former manager of the Tyne & Wear Research and Information Service (TWRI), Dr Kadhem Jallab. Tyne & Wear Research and Information Service was run by the five Tyne & Wear district councils until its closure in September 2011. Please note that these councils have no involvement in TWRI Policy and Research and take no responsibility for any service provided by it.

Mission Statement

The mission of TWRI Policy and Research is to provide and maintain a cost-effective range of socio-economic, demographic and property-based research, information and consultancy services.

Core Competencies

With a highly dynamic and evolving work programme, TWRI Policy and Research has consistently provided a much-valued and efficient service, covering the economy, census and demographic work, land, property and business information, society, crime and disorder, housing market research and regional work.

Our data and research are widely available via reports, abstracts and publications. TWRI Policy and Research also liaises with national bodies, particularly with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and central government departments on a variety of data issues affecting local authorities in England. TWRI Policy and Research also supports the emergency services.

Main Customer Groups

The main customer groups of TWRI Policy and Research are the local authorities in England and in Scotland but we also work with a wide range of organisations, including: the police, the fire service, probation services and a large number of public organisations.

Advice and Consultancy

TWRI Policy and Research may be referred to for general enquiries or consultancy work within and adjacent to each service area. TWRI Policy and Research can also undertake research and analysis work on a contract basis.

Contact Details

Dr. Kadhem Jallab (Managing Director of TWRI Policy and Research)

14 Grey Street
Newcastle upon Tyne


(+44) 0191 2211222

emails: kadhem.jallab@twri.org.uk