Social Research & Health

TWRI produces occasional analytical reports on Social and Health issues.  The ODPM Index of Deprivation has been analysed and reported.  Health and Population Change reports analyse ‘deaths by cause’ and fertility data (from ONS’ Vital Statistics).


Income Deprivation in Tyne & Wear

A Report using the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2000 describing problems of 'Income Deprivation' and child poverty. This means, respectively, people dependent on the key means-tested benefits, and children in families dependent on these benefits. With ward maps.

Income Deprivation in Tyne & Wear (including Child Poverty)

Index of Multiple Deprivation 2000 Ward Results Tyne & Wear

Tables listing for each ward in Tyne and Wear its score and rank in England on overall IMD, income, Employment and Child poverty plus ranks on Health, Education, Housing and Access.

Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2000 Ward Results in Tyne and Wear


An Analysis of ONS' Vital Statistics.

The report presents information on long-term trends in fertility and mortality in Tyne and Wear and its constituent Districts. It covers fertility (Total Fertility Rates, TFRs), and the share of live births within and outside of marriage. Standardised Mortality Rates (SMRs), major causes of death and natural change are also covered. Live births and deaths data for wards in Tyne and Wear are tabled in the appendices.