Crime Reports

Tyne and Wear Crime Reports - Analysis of recorded crime in Tyne and Wear and its constituent Districts for the twelve Home Office defined crime categories. Analysis of crime counts and rates per 1,000 population is provided at District and ward level. England and Wales, Northumbria Police Force Area and Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership Family comparators are provided, where available.

Criminal Damage in Tyne and Wear - Analysis of criminal damage in Tyne & Wear and its constituent Districts during 2007/08 using a variety of data sources, as well as change since 2003/04 (where available) is provided.  Analysis of police recorded criminal damage counts and rates are provided at District and ward level, along with ‘hotspot’ maps for December 2008.  Fire, Nexus, Adshel, Local Authorities and Defra data are also provided, as are victims and offenders demographics.