National Conference on the 2011 Census

“Making best use of the 2011 Census”

This conference has taken place

The TWRI Policy and Research Conference on the 2011 Census.

The Conference will be chaired by Professor Ludi Simpson, President of the British Society for Population Studies. It will feature presentations from ONS, local government, other public sector and academic users of the census, and census data suppliers. The Conference will cover the following:

  • What data the 2011 Census will provide and when
  • Opportunities and challenges for 2011 Census data analysis
  • Alternative routes to accessing 2011 Census data including ONS’s API, NESS, NOMIS and SASPAC
  • Area profiles - developing and presenting census results at a range of geographic levels.

The Conference will include demonstrations of 2011 Census access software and give attendees the opportunity to engage with speakers, exhibitors and other delegates about the census data and its usage.

The Conference is aimed at researchers, practitioners and policy makers across both public and private sectors.