Chris Stephens

Associate Director (Statistical Analysis)

Chris is the Associate Director of TWRI Research with particular responsibility for Census material and Demography. His main roles are to analyse and interpret social and other data, including Census and other demographic data. This includes monitoring change. Chris has an honours degree in Mathematics, from Leicester University, and a Masters degree in Statistics from Newcastle University. He has been a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society since 1972.

He worked for five years as a researcher in the Social Studies department of Newcastle University investigating socio-demographic and other similar topics.
From 1974, he worked for Newcastle City Council, as a Senior Research Officer, with particular responsibility for Statistics. This position involved research into issues like, population trends, unemployment together with surveys specific to Adult Services, Education, Environmental Services, Housing and Recreation.

Additionally, he worked on household surveys and studies involving peoples‟ perception of local issues. Amongst other work, he produced models to estimate the future local annual costs of dementia; and the projection of school sizes by pupil age. He also produced reports covering topics such as multiple deprivation; he along with others, developed a Vitality Index for small areas of the City, annually monitoring the change in this index. He produced a means of measuring inequality in relation to recruitment within the Council. He also represented the authority on outside bodies on demographic issues; in particular, in 2007, producing a report, for the Council, on demographic issues for the House of Commons Treasury Committee investigating “Counting the population”. He left the council in 2009. Since then he has worked on some mathematical, statistical and economic issues. Some of this work is on his personal web-site.