Dr Kadhem Jallab

Managing Director

Kadhem Jallab managed TWRI Policy and Research for a number of years when it was a Public Sector Research Unit.   In September 2011, Kadem, became the Owner and the Managing Director of  “TWRI Policy and Research”.   TWRI is now  a National and International research and policy Company. 

Kadhem has a master's degree from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a PhD degree from Newcastle University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a member of the British Society for Population Studies.

He worked for in Scotland as a researcher in social policy and in demography.  He was involved in census and demographic analysis.  He managed the annual 'voluntary population survey' for nineteen different councils and developed a new software to analyse the data.

Kadhem then moved back to Newcastle to become the Head of TWRI. In his role as head of TWRI, he further developed his extensive expertise in census and demography and in particular in population projections. He also has developed substantial experience in social research, public health research, survey work, community safety data and research. He submitted evidence to the Justice Select Committee of the House of Commons on a new approach to crime and justice. He participated in the publication of a book on this new approach to crime and justice and to hundreds of reports published mostly on TWRI's website.

For over ten years, Kadhem has managed a portfolio of research projects. These projects cover  health, economy, society, demography, land and property, community safety, area profiling and a range of other areas. His wealth of experience also extends to: conducting research, providing advice, awarding research contracts to universities and consultants, tendering for research projects and the delivery of contract work, leading on specific areas of research, working and liaising with a large number of public organisations and universities, identifying data sources and developing and maintaining partnerships to accomplish research projects, presenting data and research findings to meet the needs of a variety of audiences, and organising seminars and conferences.