Peter Sturman

Operations Manager

After over 30 years' in research in Local Government, Peter Sturman re-joined TWRI Policy & Research in 2015.   He is the Operations Manager. Peter was a Senior Researcher at TWRI for 14 years, responsible for economic monitoring and reporting, when it was a Local Government Research Unit. He has since had 3 years’ experience working in a Local Authority social services Management Information Unit. He was then a Project Officer in local government, successfully focused on developing the Business Case for an investment.    

Peter has a bachelor’s degree in Combined Studies in Arts (Economics Intensive) from Newcastle University. He also has a Diploma in Management Studies. He is an Associate of the Chartered Management Institute.  

Peter’s initial work in Local Government was in the West Midlands, before joining TWRI as a Research Officer. After ten years he became a Senior Research Officer, in charge of Economic Intelligence. Since leaving TWRI in 2011, Peter has worked as a Senior Performance Analyst on adult social care.

From working as a Senior Researcher, Peter has extensive experience of identifying sources, analysing (mainly) quantitative data, report-writing and project management. His experience as editor includes of the major biennial State of the Region Reports for the NE, for the Association of NE Councils. He has written a range of reports on contract, including analytical reports such as the Housing Market Analysis for Tyne & Wear. He has presented research results at a high level.